I graduated from the IHOPU FSM program. [Leader] was the president of IHOPU. He had a brilliant mind but would belittle me and my classmates. Several times people would leave in the middle of class to cry over his snarky, rude remarks or being treated as stupid when they asked questions. Some people avoided taking his class after the first year because his ego was out of control. [Leader] was the center of his universe. Every conversation revolves around him or he makes it about him. Having a discussion with him is impossible because he always has to be right. He teaches sermon on the mount but doesn't live it. My time at IHOPU was deeply affected by the terrible ways he treated me and others. I regret going to IHOPU and the pain it caused me. If you are considering IHOPU, I would not attend the school while he is in charge.

- IHOPU Graduate2019-2023