I first started attending IHOPKC as a teenager. I was in the teen awakening camps two summers in a row, and did a teen music internship. However, the bad experiences didn’t start until I became an OTI intern, straight out of high school and at the impressionable age of 18. After telling my testimony to my internship leaders, I would later be slut-shamed pretty frequently. I liked a boy in the internship. On my part, I did sign up to be “consecrated” like everyone else. I hadn’t pursued a relationship with the boy other than just talking on like a pretty normal, average basis. There was nothing inappropriate, in comparison to other relationships that were very obvious in their pursuance of each other. During our fall break, I went home with a friend. I was told by my leader, that if she found out I had talked to that boy at all, that she would have me KICKED OUT of the internship. She repeatedly brought up my private situation in front of my group of girls at “briefings”, and would continuously bring up my history of being sexually active, which was really none of her business. She didn’t try to help me, or really guide me into allowing the Lord to heal my heart. No. She traumatized me by constantly shaming me, and threatening to kick me out of what I believed, at the time, was my calling. I had another experience with a leader at IHOPU, who when I went to her and told her I wanted to drop out, she basically asked me if I was sure that was what I wanted to do, threatened me with the fact that I wouldn’t get my money back (LOL), and told me I would be leaving my calling. I had another pretty impressionable experience with her that did more harm than any good. That place did such a number on me spiritually, that I haven’t attended church since. But I have not lost faith in the Lord and I know who He is. These people don’t speak for Him. The church is the problem. The people put into leadership, when they have no right to be in such a high position, are the problem.

- OTI Intern & IHOPU student2009-2013