Where do I even begin? I came to IHOP in 2010, I was a sheltered homeschooled kid with 0 understanding of the real world. My mom encouraged me and my siblings to attend a bible college instead of an actual college, which is a problem within itself. I had visited IHOPkc with my mom during the 2009 Awakening. As a young, impressionable person with no life experience I was impressed. The young people looked cool and they seemed genuine. I decided to start FMA in 2010. IHOP was not at all what I had expected it would be. We had no life outside of IHOP, we weren't allowed to listen, interact, or have anything to do with the outside world. Whatever tactic they used to brainwash us worked because I became obsessed with being an IHOPer. I decided to leave the IHOPkc campus because I hated Kansas City and join a smaller IHOP branch in another state. When I was there I met a couple who was considered IHOP royalty. I was volunteered to babysit their young children as a service to them by a roommate who knew them well. I had years of experience of being a nanny and that was valuable to them so they kept inviting me to babysit their children...for free. I did it because I thought I was helping to serve them. Long story short I ended up living with this couple, taking care of their children as an almost full time job while having to work a job to pay rent to them even though I was watching their children for free. These people acted like they were Jesus himself and it was my duty to serve them. That is just one wonderful story I have from there. I don't have the mental capacity to even describe the predatory behaviors that went on there being a young woman. After years of trauma from my experience there I am no longer affiliated with any kind of church or ministry. I did eventually attend college, had a 4.0 GPA and my mom's worst nightmare happened - I became a liberal. Anyway, I apricate reading all of your stories, knowing that I am not alone in the trauma of this heinous place is oddly comforting.

- Student2010-2012