Can I just say how awful it is that people have to drudge up their trauma just to see if what they experienced is horrific enough to be vindicated. Like that’s the kind of sick world these organizations create. In one meeting, a leader publicly shamed me for saying “Jesus is nice”. He said all kinds of things about my character and made an example of me to the rest of the participants. Afterwards in the staircase, on the way down to EGS Service he grabbed my arm stroked it and then kissed my hand. He then patted me on the head and walked out of the door. I spent the entire two hour service that followed crying and repenting to Jesus for calling him nice. Public shaming happens a lot there. If a student has a question or disagrees there a systemic process of tearing down, love bombing, and example making that takes place. I experienced this numerous times and watched others experience it in IHOPU.

- Full Time Staff2007-2013