I was introduced to IHOPKC as a college student (2007), by a girl on my freshman dorm floor. I regularly attended weekly prayer meetings and worship nights that were significantly influenced by both the music and teachings of IHOPKC. Prayer meetings, worship nights, local evangelism and church involvement were my entire life during my college years and early 20s. I followed the teachings and even more so the worship music of IHOPKC for many years. I regularly tuned into the prayer room stream and/or recordings from the stream. I always wanted to attend OneThing but it never worked out (as I lived very far away, out of state). I became very interested in Exodus Cry and even raised money for the ministry and raised awareness about EC within my community. I was beyond a Jesus freak in those days. And looking back I can acknowledge now that I was very afraid to question things and think for myself - which makes me ‘vibes’ at IHOPKC even more interesting. In the fall of 2013, I got a job on the west coast. I had a friend who sang at IHoPKC and offered to drive part of the trip with me cross country. I stopped at IHOPKC for a Saturday service that was specific to Exodus Cry (she was even singing on stage that night). The plan was to stay with her and her housemates and leave the next morning. From the moment I stepped into the building (which I believe is now FCF?) something felt very off to me. The entire service felt very off to me. My gut kept saying ‘this is weird, something is off, leave.’ I could sense a genuine spirit in many of the people there but it felt off - insular, even cultish. (And this is coming from someone heavily involved in a Vineyard church and other charismatic groups at that time.) After driving cross country and taking up a new life in Santa Barbara, I never tuned into the prayer room stream again. I didn’t listen to any of the IHOPKC teachings again. Like I said, I had met very genuine and kind people connected to IHOP many times over the years, but the campus felt cultish. It has been heartbreaking to see things unfold the way that they have these past few months. It’s reminded me that these insular communities detach you from your gut and intuitive instincts and do everything to adopt you into the ‘collective consciousness.’ For those who are leaving and have no sense of self, community, identity or meaning beyond IHoPKc please know that there is hope.m and life beyond it. Please know that you can feel joy again, that you can connect to your intuition again, that you can think for yourself again. Please know that the world is not full of evil and darkness but many loving, kind, warm and genuine people.

- Visitor, followed music/teaching from afar for years2013