During my time on staff at IHOPKC, I became fairly close to a leader who ended up “counseling” me while I was engaged & newly married to my spouse. During that time period, I didn’t realize it but I was severely depressed & anxious due to various factors, including going through 4-5 major life transitions within 6 months. I would speak to this leader over the phone about issues that arose within my relationship with my spouse, & they would berate me over the phone, calling me spoiled & telling me to get my sh** together. My spouse told me that they did not like the way that that leader spoke to me but I always just brushed it off. Looking back now, I realize how verbally & emotionally abusive it all was. Not to mention, this leader was offering counsel without any credentials or education. Thankfully, I eventually began seeing a licensed therapist for a year who helped me come to terms with my depression &, crazy enough, not once cussed me out or belittled me. Imagine that.

- Full-Time Staff2017-2021