As a pastor of a small church, we sent three students to FMA. We paid their tuitions and housing expenses. Our church believes in prophets, prophecy, apostles, spiritual worship and miracles. Our students should have fit into FMA. Student #1 was told he would never be a part of a worship team. No reason was given. One teacher who is still considered a faithful leader at IHOPKC openly made fun of him while teaching his class. We helped him recover, but he still does not want to attend most Churches. Student #2 washed out and has not attended church since their experience. FMA took a quiet young girl and turned her into a bitter person. She now thinks that IHOPKC and FMA is a cult and we cannot talk with her. Student #3 Quit after 2 years because of the leadership abusive behavior. He went to Fuller Seminar in Pasadena for counselling and after one year of healing - got a job and put himself through USC - graduating and went on to get his masters degree. He loves Jesus but has still not fully recovered from his experiences at IHOP. As a pastor, I discourage EVERYONE from sending students to FMA or IHOPU. This is not a legitimate school; does not have teachers who demonstrate Christ's love; have teachers who do not know what they believe or why they believe it. Without fundamental change this community will continue to be more and more cult-like.

- Pastor of a Friendly Church2008-2011