I came to KC at 13 yrs old with my family from California to be a part of KCF and Dominion Christian school. I was there in the midst of and under Bob Jones and Paul Cain. The things and spiritual abuse I suffered as a young child were incredible. At 16 I spoke up as best I could to my teacher, [leader] and a few others …. But was completely shut down, made to feel ashamed and basically an “ungrateful child”. All of this is bringing so much vindication to a young girl who saw, and spoke, and was turned away. I honestly never thought this day would come, and I’m beside myself. In all truth, it makes me trust Jesus even more, just in knowing he spoke to me then , and is wrapping his arms around me now letting me know I wasn’t “crazy”. That young teenager needed this more than she could ever know.

- Young 13yr old + at Dominion Christian School2002