I visited IHOPKC with a group of missionaries from a Canadian prayer ministry. I realize this story may not fit here but wanted to share my experience and offer support to those coming forward. When I entered the prayer room for the first time, I had an expectation that I would feel the power of God as I had in other places of prayer. But actually, much to my disappointment, I didn't sense much of anything. I asked those in the group I travelled with what they felt , but all I offered to them was that it wasn't as I had expected. Upon returning home, I mentioned the absence of feeling God's presence to a few trusted people. I wondered how a place could have 24/7 prayer for 15 years and feel like that. However, in the end, I was content to process the experience through the lens that my discernment was off - I was the problem. When the news began to emerge a couple months ago, my memory from 10 years ago made tragic sense. It was heartbreaking to hear the podcast of an assault that was improperly handled in the Spring of 2014 - around the time I was there. Praying for all that have been mistreated and wronged - that despite the depravity of people, God would reveal His kindness to you in very tangible ways. Even if this isn't posted, I pray it's an encouragement to those reading the message - your stories are believed.

- VisitorSpring 2014