Despite the cultish rules of sending letters to your significant other instead of calling, and so forth - I still came because I wanted to be in the prayer room and bless the Lord. That’s all of our hearts desire but sometimes leaders make it hard. First day of internship, I got in trouble for praying with a friend in the prayer room. My bad, I understand it’s a corporate prayer meeting but thought praying for a fellow intern for a few mins wasn’t bad. Second, I left our thanksgiving dinner early because of anxiety and grief, and my leader was upset at me. Third, I kindly shared how some rules were very serious and some they disregard - only wanted to share about the inconsistency and that I never know what rules are real. But my leader started crying?? I could never win to be honest. I just wanted to be in the prayer room but kept being pulled into the side rooms to have a little rebuke. Honestly better off just live streaming the prayer room. Discipleship is not part of the job - very business like. Wish there was more love.

- Intern2017-2018