I was a worship leader at IHOPKC for numerous years. I was primarily morning sets which I very much enjoyed. I was all in on the Harp and Bowl. Playing music on stage was always my passion. I even thought I would stay in the house of prayer until I was to old. I loved waking up early and getting ready to play in front of all the students and staff. I would arrive an hour before my set to prepare and I am just overall a timely person. One morning I arrive and there are doughnuts in the back. I was so pumped I darted straight back and reached for my favorite one. At the same time [leader] reached for the very same doughnut. Our hands touched, we looked at each other and then [leader] put his hands close to my neck, and staired into my eyes. He then let me go and excused the incident because his dad was a boxer. He then proceeded to grab the bear claw we both reached for, and told me to keep my claws off his bear claws. And I’ve never had a bear claw since.

- FMA/Worship leaderWould hinder anonymity